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The show, which aired from 2003-2007, features Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in all their glory(?). They leave behind their money and their socialite lifestyle to see what the "real world" is like. This means living on a farm, having low-end jobs, and working perhaps for the first time ever.

And when we say that, we mean it.

Did you ever catch the scene where they didn't know what a laundromat was? (More on that later.) These girls had never worked a day—and even after the show, they still hadn't.

But they did bring in a lot of laughs. You can't help but admit that they are quite the hilarious duo. After all, that's what happens when you're rich and you can say whatever you want!

We bring you 5 of our favorite Simple Life moments. That's hot!

1. That Time They Had to Change Sonic's Sign

You know those fast-food signs that hover near the street, announcing new menu items and promotional specials?

One of their brief working stints was at the popular fast-food chain Sonic. They did a lot of things wrong there—such as Paris using the drive-thru window as her personal sunbathing box. But there's one moment that stood out above the rest, and that's the time they changed the sign's words.

Instead of, you know, "America's Favorite Burger!" or something, they added a little flair to Sonic's sign. Warning: language ahead!

Their sign said this: "1/2 price anal salty weiner bugers" (yes, the word "burger" is missing an "R"). When asked why they put this, Paris responds, "Because I don't know how to spell!" Which is obviously a lie, as every other word is correctly spelled!

Not only did they alter the sign in a destructive way, but Nicole yells, "Hide the ladder so they can't take it down!" To which we say—we'd drive right past that Sonic!

2. The Conversation About Laundry (You Know, the Act of Washing Clothes)

Eventually, you're gonna run out of clothes. And when you do, it's time to take your clothing to the laundromat. 

Wait—what the heck is a laundromat? 

The majority of us can answer that question (we hope). But not these two girls. In fact, it takes quite a lengthy conversation before they realize what it is they're talking about!

Check out this scene!

Paris: "She said 'laundromat,' which means you wash your own clothes."

Nicole: "What?"

Paris: "Mhmm!"

Nicole: "You take your laundry somewhere to wash your own clothes?"

Paris: "Yes."

Nicole: "What does that mean?"

Paris: "A laundromat is where people who can't afford a washing machine clean their clothes. Like, you go and put 25 cents in and, like, clean clothes.

You never heard of a laundromat? You go there and put in a quarter. I've seen it in movies, like in 40 Days and 40 Nights. Remember?"

Nicole: "Oh, yeah!"

Thank God for the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights. And thank God the girls saw it, too. Otherwise, what would they have worn for the rest of the season?

Surely not overalls and sneakers!

3. Nicole's Love of Stating the Year as an Excuse

There are (at least) two key moments where Nicole Richie uses what year it is to explain her behavior.

In one scene, sitting across the desk from an angry employer, Nicole says, "It's 2005. Things happen." And apparently, that was explanation enough for everyone!

She loves this tactic, as you see it earlier in the series, too. "You guys, sex sells. It's 2004." 

4. Put Your Quarter Where Your Mouth Is

Sometimes, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. It's not the $49,604.25 that does it! In this scene, as that number is presented to the girls, Nicole asks Paris, "Do you have 25 cents?" 

Imagine if that was the only amount holding you back from a nearly $50,000 purchase! At that point, the cashier should just float the quarter.

This happens to the girls a lot in the show. After all, they've agreed to leave (some of) their riches behind them. In another scene, they try to return fast-food because they don't have enough money for it.

And it happens yet again in another scene! (Boy, you're getting some free moments out of this!) 

At a convenience store, the girls manage to rack up a bill of $225.55. When the cashier tells them the balance, they retort, "How about a hug instead?"

Unfortunately for them, hugs aren't accepted at most gas stations. But cash, check, and credit cards are.

5. The Invention of "Sanasa"

What did Paris and Nicole do when bored and looking for fun and attention?

Why, sing "Sanasa" in melody, of course!

No, really. One thing you hear quite often throughout the series (besides "that's hot," of course), it "Sanasa." The girls chant it in a sing-songy melody throughout the entire show!

And of course, it gets louder as it goes. We are talking about Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, after all. They say the phrase a few times, always ending on the loudest note, "SANASAAA!"

They even convince a man to sing the tune himself while doing a little jive. Nicole promises to buy him a pizza in return. And guess what—he does it.

The Simple Life: Simply Hilarious

You may love The Simple Life. Alternatively, you may hate it. But there's one thing we can all admit: it's pretty freakin' funny.

Cult classics are just that: a little un-timeless. Campy. Maybe a little disturbing. 

But at the end of the day, TV is there for our entertainment. And Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton sure do know how to entertain.

For everything else cult classic, we've got you covered.

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