Top 10 Amazing Moments of the Boston Red Sox World Series Championship

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For 86 years, the Boston Red Sox didn't win a single World Series. In the past 15 seasons, they've won four.

The Red Sox were practically cursed for decades. Now it's almost as if they can't stop crushing.

With all that winning, it's hard to keep track of the moments that got them there.

Championships aren't just a final number on the scoreboard. They are a collection of moments that add up to one unforgettable experience. Don't let those moments become muddled in the wash of New England victories.

The Sox had a franchise best of 108 wins in the regular season and then clinched the World Series title. That makes the 2018 Boston Red Sox one of the best teams of all time.

Want to reminisce over all those great games? Read on for a roundup of the top 10 amazing moments of this year’s series.

1. The Price Was Right

David Price became a Boston sports legend with his gutsy pitching throughout the 2018 series. His Game 5 series-clinching win was the icing on the cake. 

After dominating Game 2 of the series, Price selflessly joined the bullpen. He was available to pitch whenever his team needed him. This made him something he's never been to Red Sox fans: reliable.

No more so than in Game 5 when he pitched 7, 1-run-innings. Just the previous week, he secured his first postseason win. Now he has his first postseason title. 

2. Most Valuable Pearce

Whether Steve Pearce deserved the series MVP trophy over David Price is still up for debate. But, there's no debate over whether Pearce was sensational on the plate.

Winning Game 4 with a home run and 3 RBI double wasn't enough for this unlikely hero. Pearce would continue to hit two more home runs the next night. Both home runs off of Dodger's ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw!

His three RBI's were the clinching runs for the Sox's series victory. You never know who will step up in the big moments. With Steve Pearce, you'll never forget. 

3. Epic Eovaldi

The Red Sox had acquired Nathan Eovaldi in late July. Three months later, he was pitching in the biggest moment of his career.

Eovaldi's big moment came during one of the most compelling baseball games of all time. The thrilling, 18 inning affair lasted almost eight hours and ended at 3:30 AM EST.

Typically a starter, Eovaldi came out of the bullpen in the 12th inning and pitched until the last hit of the game. Though it was a losing effort, we'll always remember Eovaldi's heroics.

4. Chris Sale FTW

Chris Sale's rousing dugout speech could have easily made this list. But, it's what he did on the mound that's ingrained in our memories.

Like Evoaldi, starter Sale came in from the bullpen in Game 5. No one knew what to expect. There were concerns about his health throughout the series.

But Sale was Sale. He struck out feared Dodger's batter Manny Machado to get the final out of the game. A true ace never disappoints. 

5. Eduardo Nunez's Pinch Homer

The first game of the series appeared to be a toss-up until Eduardo Nunez came to the plate. After not starting the game, Nunez was brought in as a pinch hitter late in the seventh inning.

Though not known for his power, the crafty utility player took the first pitch he saw over the green monster. With two men on base, The Sox's 1-run lead became a much cozier 8-4.

The Dodger's never caught up.

6. The Moves of Alex Cora

In his rookie year as the Red Sox manager, Alex Cora did his job. He won a World Series title.

However, it wasn't his first series with the team. He helped the Sox win in 2007 as a player. This time it was his moves off the field that brought his team to victory.

While there's no specific moment to highlight, Cora's gutsy calls through the playoffs have to be acknowledged. This rookie manager acted like a seasoned vet. 

7. Andrew Benintendi's Magical Leap

Outfielder Andrew Benintendi already had a catch for the ages. His game-ending grab in the final game of the ALCs was beyond amazing. 

As an encore, in Game 2 of the World Series, he made an amazing leap to save Brain Dozer from extra bases. The stakes weren't as high for this particular moment, but it made for a great photo.

8. Mookie Betts Stole Us a Taco

Mookie Betts did a lot of good things for the Sox this season culminating in a league MVP trophy. But it's his steal in Game 1 of the series that's the biggest standout. 

In the first inning of Game 1, Mookie did the impossible. He stole a base off of Clayton Kershaw. What made this steal even more memorable is that it secured fans the Taco Bell "Free Taco For Everyone" deal.

After the game, Mookie revealed why he wanted to get to second so badly: "I just wanted some tacos."

9. Jackie Bradley Jr. Can Hit Too

Defensively, JBJ is one of the best Sox center fields of all time. His offense, however, can be a little lacking. That's why seeing him winning the series MVP was so amazing.

He had an amazing series, both in field and out, including his clutch two-out homer to tie Game 3 of the World Series.

10. J.D. Martinez's Single

Martinez is mostly known for his long ball. But, it's his memorable Series single in game 2 that sticks out. Though not the biggest moment of the series, you can't talk about this team without mentioning Martinez.

This slugger was recently acquired in the off-season. He ended up taking David Ortiz's vacated designated hitter position and ran with it. His 2 RBI, Game 2 single gave the Sox the go-ahead.

He was there when they needed him, just like Big Papi.

Never Forget This Boston Red Sox World Series

With all those amazing moments and more, the 2018 World Series was one to remember. But what's the best way to keep those memories alive?

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