The Current T-Shirt Trends You Need to Know

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Do you want to walk into a room and catch everyone's eye? Do you want to be the hot topic of a party without putting much effort into it?

There's a simple way for you to pull this off. One great solution is to wear a t-shirt that's in style.

The fashion industry relies a lot on t-shirts to make money. Soon it will make over $24 billion in revenue as the year progresses.

With that in mind, avoid spending your money buying dull, generic shirts. Here is a list of the best t-shirt trends that you need to know so you can keep up and stay in style.

1. Minimalist Phrases

Starting off simple, t-shirts designed with minimalist phrases are starting to become one of the trendiest t-shirts among women's apparel.

This approach shows that all you need to do to get people to hear your message is to whisper. You are sure to catch a few glances and even inspire a few people when you put on a shirt with this design.

2. Boxed Typography

The simple act of putting words in a box has never been trendier than now. Boxed typography's simplistic design gives emphasis on the words and the meaning they can hold.

A shirt graphic doesn't need to be a box. You can use any geometric shape that suits your fancy when you design your own shirt.

3. Creative Slogan Typography

This design allows you to express your messages in a more artistic way than those mentioned above. These trending shirt designs often include slogans that you can use to show people that you're not like the rest of the crowd.

These designs can either be monochromatic, or as colorful as a rainbow.

4. Vintage Designs

Sometimes what is old is now the new trend. Old, vintage designs are now making a big comeback on t-shirts.

Wearing a t-shirt with a retro design lets people know that you're familiar with the pop culture from years back. It also is a sign that you miss the simpler times.

Vintage designs can be logos that were popular before, bands that were all the rage, famous actors and actresses in their younger years, or a collaboration of different elements.

5. Pop Culture Array

Multiple designs come out of popular culture, and it doesn't have to be anything that popular too. They can be anything as long as most people know, seen, heard of, and/or have experienced what's in your design. T-shirt designs that let people relate to you are sure to strike up a conversation at a party.

6. Minimalist Linework

Considered to be an evolution to the badge design of previous years. This trending design contrasts a light, simple framework for a design against what tends to be a dark background.

Like a tattoo put on a shirt, the linework is thin and intricate. Often times there is also an accompanying message that comes with the linework.

7. Bird Elements

Being the remnants of the badge design, bird designs are often big and have multiple designs to serve as eye candy.

Birds are often used as the primary focus of the design because they appear beautiful and give the designers a wide choice of color when choosing to use an exotic bird as their design.

8. Animal Illustrations

Other than birds, most animals have also been the design focus of certain people. Having an animal as your shirt design attracts a lot of attention as they are cute and show that you have a liking for animals.

These graphics are also used by certain animal protection groups to show their commitment to their cause.

9. Gothic Prints

People are gushing over gothic t-shirt design trends nowadays. The unique designs make people feel a sense of mystery whenever they see one.

These designs often come in the form of skeletons, dark imagery, and old text. They are sure to grab someone's attention in more ways than one.

10. Comic and Cartoon Characters

Fictional characters have gained a spotlight among younger people in recent years, allowing t-shirts designed with them to gain popularity.

T-shirts with such graphics are a great way to show people the playful side of you. It can even catch the eye of someone familiar with the character, leading to a conversation with a potential friend.

11. Pirate Designs

Pirate designs show people that you have a sense of adventure and are a playful way to hint that you love traveling.

These trendy designs have gained popularity with younger men because of the elements of the design itself. Gold coins, pirate ships, cannons, and sea monsters are more preferred by boys.

12. Trash Collage

Ever since DIY designs have become a more favored t-shirt trend in 2018, trash collages have gotten more popular as well.

Trash Collages are the name for DIY designs that are a bunch of different images, graphics, patterns, and textures mashed together to form a playful design. They tend to look messy and rough, but that is part of the appeal.

Even though they are difficult to absorb at the first glance, trash collages give off a surreal aesthetic that is sure to get you a lot of attention.

13. Concert Shirts

In the music industry, revenue coming from selling physical merchandise such as shirts and wristbands earned over $3.1 billion. Despite this, the music industry doesn't focus on this side of the business. This makes great concert shirts a rarity.

These shirts will show people that you are a music lover and will help you make friends with other people familiar with the band.

14. Holographic Glitch Prints

Although this trend became popular in 2017, the psychedelic nature of holographic glitch prints gave it even more popularity in 2018.

These prints make colors look blended together with the light. They give the illusion that they are being distorted with your movements.

They are often paired with vintage photographs to make a surreal looking scenery.

15. Space-Themed Designs

These trending shirt designs have themes that denote that there are things out there that we are yet to see.

Space-themed t-shirt designs are a good way to show that you're a curious person. Wearing one of these will ensure that you can grab a conversation with another curious person about the vast, unknown wonders of space.

Know the Latest T-shirt Trends and Stay in Style

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