The Best Of The Beasts: 9 Random Animal Facts that Will Fill You With Fuzzies

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We all like to thinks our pets are the smartest, cutest, or funniest animals around. Observing the way they play and learn can provide hours of fun, especially when they perfect a trick like showing off their ability to count

But, beyond our own pets, the animal kingdom is a rich source of fascinating facts and unique animals. And, while it's surprising to learn that kangaroos can't fart or cats can't taste anything sweet, it's even more interesting to learn about the incredible things that animals can do. 

Whether you're a proud animal lover with a collection of wildlife t-shirts to match, or you're a sucker for new information, here are 10 random animal facts that you'll love to share. 

1. Adopt-a-Squirrel

As if squirrels weren't cute enough already, our first in this list of interesting facts about animals is sure to give you all the feels. Research into red squirrels showed that they take in the orphaned pups of their relatives and care for them like their own.

Although adoption is quite rare in the wild, it has been observed in over 60 different species, from mice to elephants. But, it isn't something you'd expect from squirrels, who are non-social, territorial and aren't known for their close family bonds.  

But, it seems that the benefits of strengthening their gene pool outweigh the costs of caring for pups that aren't their own. And, we also benefit too, as it means we get to see cute pictures of squirrels carrying helpless little pups and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

2. Otterly Cute

If you're ever feeling down, watching a few classic episodes of Frasier is sure to make you smile. Or, even better, you could try a quick internet search of otters sleeping to brighten your day. 

Not content with being furry and adorable while they're awake, sea otters hold hands with each other while they sleep to avoid drifting apart. And, as if it couldn't get any cuter, since sea otter pups are too small to hold hands, they sleep lying on top of their mom. 

3. Proposing Penguins

Many animals, including puffins and beavers, mate for life. Gentoo penguins go one step further and actually propose to their chosen life partner with a pebble. 

But not just any pebble will do. Male penguins search through piles of rocks to find the smoothest, most perfect pebbles to give to their intended life companion. And, if the female penguin approves, she places the pebble in her nest, signifying that the pair may soon become penguin parents. 

4. Prairie Dog Greeting

Although prairie dogs live in North America, their greeting style is more European, as they say hello by kissing. But, it's as yet unconfirmed whether they opt for two kisses like the Spanish or favor three or four kisses as they do in some regions of France. 

5. Immortal Jellyfish

Some weird animal facts are so crazy that they defy all logic. A case in point is the turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish, A.K.A, the immortal jellyfish.

Okay so it's not cute in the slightest, but who needs cute when you can live forever? The key to their unique immortality lies in their ability to revert to an immature state after breeding, rather than dying. And, they can undergo this change time and time again to outlive us all. 

Of course, they can still fall prey to disease or attacks. But, we think you'll agree that the only immortal creature known to man has to be one of the most interesting animals out there. 

6. Grizzly Bite

Don't let cute and cuddly bears like Yogi Bear and Winnie the Pooh fool you into thinking that bears want nothing more in life than a pot of honey or a taste of your picnic. 

If you happen upon a grizzly bear in the wild, they're much more likely to want a taste of you. And, when you consider that a grizzly's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball, you'd be right to run for cover. 

But, despite the grizzly's bite force of 975 to 1250 pounds per square inch (PSI), this is nothing compared to the bite of a Nile crocodile, which is up to 5,000 PSI!

7. Kriminal Koala 

Since great apes like gorillas and chimps are our closest animal relatives, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that their fingerprints might be similar to ours.

But, what you wouldn't expect is that a furry marsupial from down under would have human-like fingerprints. In fact, the fingerprints of a koala are so indistinguishable from human prints that they've been confused at a crime scene!

8. Pigeon Art Critics

Sometimes what's surprising about these crazy animal facts is how we know them in the first place. Which is definitely what you'll think when you learn that trained pigeons can distinguish between paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso. 

The experiment aimed to investigate pigeons' ability to discriminate visual arts as well as they were able to discriminate between the music of Bach and Stravinsky. Who knew pigeons were so cultured?!

9. Born Upside Down

As any mom will tell you, giving birth is tough. But, how about having to bring new life into the world while hanging upside down?

That's exactly what female bats do. But luckily, their catching skills rival those of even the best Major League Baseball stars as they're able to catch their new-born baby in their wings as it drops. Impressive!

Random Animal Facts to Impress Your Friends

As this collection of random animal facts shows, nature really is full of weird and wonderful surprises. 

From adorable penguin proposals to the sheer force of a grizzly bear's bite, animals are fascinating through both their similarities and differences to humans. 

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