The 10 Greatest Moments on the TV Show Atlanta

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Donald Glover is hot right now. The video for his Childish Gambino hit "This is America" reached 85.3 million views in its first week on YouTube.

He is well-known for his performances in Community and on Saturday Night Live, but his crowning glory is the hit TV show Atlanta. 

Written, produced, and starring Glover, as well as occasionally directed by him, the show has received huge critical acclaim. It has already earned him a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

Famous for its surreal turns, the show has an incredible number of memorable scenes. Read on as we take a look at 10 of the greatest moments of Atlanta.

1. Black Justin Bieber

If anything sums up just how brilliantly weird Atlanta can be, it's black Justin Bieber.

The character of Justin Bieber is a big music star, but in the Atlanta world, he is black. There is no explanation for this, and it is clear that in the show's universe, this is the real Justin Bieber. He even acts in a similar way, getting in a fight at a charity basketball game, then singing his way out of trouble.

Like much of the show, it makes you consider how race affects how we view celebrities. 

2. Teddy Perkins

In a reversal of the Justin Bieber concept, Teddy Perkins is a character played by Donald Glover in whiteface.

In the episode, Darius ends up at the mansion of the strange Teddy Perkins under the premise of getting his hands on a valuable piano.

Intentionally creepy, the show was aired without ads so that the sense of claustrophobia never lets up. Glover's performance is incredible to watch in one of the strangest but most compelling episodes of the show.

In typical Atlanta fashion, the credits state that the main character is "Teddy Perkins as himself."

3. The Migos Make an Appearance

A successful rap artist in his own right, Glover persuades another big hitter on the rap scene to appear on the show.

Paper Boi and Darius make a drug deal with a gang known as the Migos. They turn out to be the real-life rap group Migos from none other than Atlanta itself. The cameo is all good fun, but then suddenly takes a dark twist as Migos member Quavo shoots a hostage with a shotgun.

4. The Foul-Mouthed Vine Kid

There's very little in life funnier than a kid swearing his head off.

When a pizza delivery guy introduces his protege - a young kid striving to become a vine star, the laughs soon start rolling. The young wannabe tries out his two potential catchphrases.

The first is a simple "shut up b*tch." The second is a bleeped out eight-second swearing rant, apparently so filthy that they have to pixelate the kid's mouth. 

The pay off of Paper Boi's face and then his follow up line "put your seatbelt on, boy" is just perfect.

5. Jailhouse Couple's Therapy

Earn spends most of one of the early episodes in a jail holding room.

He ends up sandwiched between a couple who are flirting with each other, having had a fling in the past. What one member of the couple doesn't realize is that the other is actually transsexual, despite it being obvious to everyone else.

The guy's reaction upon finding out and the brutal beating dealt out to a mentally-ill inmate are in tune with the show's ability to jump from humor to horror in an instant.

6. A Real-Life Alligator

Just when you think the show can't get any more surreal, they drop a wild animal into the mix.

With Season 1 of the show being such a huge hit, the pressure was on when it came to Season 2. And it didn't disappoint, with "Alligator Man" being one of the best episodes across both seasons. 

It blends all of the ingredients that made the first season successful and takes it to the next level by introducing a fully blown alligator into the chaos.

7. Black American Network

Just when viewers felt they were beginning to get a handle on what Atlanta actually was, the Black American Network episode turned it all on its head.

The entire episode is based around a fictional talk show, complete with spoof adverts. Donald Glover doesn't even appear in the episode. 

The greatest moment is stolen by one of the spoof ads. What starts off as an innocent looking promotion for Coconut Crunchos soon turns into a satire on police brutality, as well as openly mocking the stupidity of advertising aimed at kids. 

8. The Indiana Jones Secret Wall

When everything seems to be making sense in Atlanta, that's the time you should be most worried.

A perfect example is an episode in which Earn is chasing up a promoter who owes him cash. He finally corners the promoter in his office, and just when you think there's no escape, the entire wall rotates like a secret contraption from Indiana Jones leaving Earn dumbfounded.

9. The Invisible Car

Even more brilliantly surreal and unexpected is the payoff for a joke about a pro athlete who has a prototype invisible car.

Paper Boi is shown Instagram posts of the athlete posing next to thin air. It's a funny joke in its own right, and you think it's run its course until a gunfight ensues. In the clamor to escape, several people are mowed down by what can only be an invisible car.

10. The Nutella Guy

This is possibly the moment that set the tone for the whole show.

A stranger at a bus stop persuades Earn to tell him his problems. As he listens, he starts to make a Nutella sandwich. After offering some confusing platitudes, he then demands that Earn eat some of the sandwich.

The scene simultaneously makes no sense, but it somehow seems to fit in this universe perfectly. That's what makes Atlanta so incredible.

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