Out Of this World: 10 Gifts That Every Fan Of NASA Will Love

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Did you have any space agency fans in your orbit?

NASA branded swag inspire pride and love of science in everyone, and they make great gifts too! Keep reading for your guide to out of this world gifts for your beloved astronaut.

A Tradition of Peace and Progressiveness

NASA conjures up feelings of national pride in Americans.

It is one of our most beloved institutions, with a long, proud, and honorable tradition. In a country that has often questioned itself about its morals and culture, NASA has always been a steadfast beacon of pride in our nation.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], is the space agency arm of the United States government. It is an independent agency, overseen by Congress. The president manages the agency, whose activities span both military and civilian programs.

NASA has always been at the forefront of space and human relations.

During the so-called Cold War, NASA helped keep the peace by putting science above politics. NASA became less and American agency than a project supported and loved by all of humanity.

1. NASA Coin Logo Hat

As American as apple pie and baseball. The ball cap is the quintessential American head covering. We were them during the National pastime, at work, and at play.

Get a ball cap for your NASA fan. The "Coin" logo is a small circle, reminiscent of the mission coins that astronauts would print before each mission.

2. NASA Patches

NASA comes from a tradition of fighter pilots and military personnel. The missions each have their own patches, seals, and sun and moon gifts. This is very similar to unit coins that are issued by military, police and fire units.

3. Trip To the Kennedy Space Center

South Florida is one of the nicest places in the world, 365 days a year. There is only one season there: warm and sunny.

To launch a rocket, it helps to be further South in latitude when you launch. The closer to the equator, the more centrifugal force can be applied to the rocket.

NASA built the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral in South Florida, one of three main rocket sites in the United States.

Lots of families make going to Disney World a major even in their American life. Cape Canaveral is just 45-minutes north. It's a tourist destination that any space fan will remember their entire lives.

4. NASA Bomber Jacket

The original Mercury astronauts were brought into NASA from the United States Air Force and Navy. These rocket men had the right stuff from day one. All of them were pilots, and most of them had combat experience in either World War II or in Korea.

Naturally, the leather bomber jacket became a typical style symbol for early astronauts. That tradition has never changed. Every conceivable style of aeronautic military covering has been slapped with a NASA patch to make it even cooler!

It's not stolen valor, it's a sign of respect for a civilian to wear an official bomber jacket certified by NASA. Get one for the bombers in your heart!

5. Astronaut Icecream

Perhaps nothing says "space gifts" more than the popular novelty of "astronaut ice cream". This is usually a Neopolitan ice cream product that has been freeze-dried so that all the moisture is taken out of it.

The result is a chewy, soft candy that won't make a mess - in outer space or on the car ride home.

Astronaut ice cream is sold in just about every gift shop in southern Florida, as well as in virtually every science museum and planetarium in the country. There are several brands, including the obvious "Astronaut Icecream".

Astronauts do eat ice cream on almost all space missions. However, they don't actually eat this product. It's just a gimmick sold to tourists! Real astronauts eat regular old ice cream in space. 

6. The NASA Seal

The official "seal" is also a really cool piece of NASA apparel that makes a great gift. There is a lot of meaning in the official seal. It's a symbolic image that represents the spirit of NASA.

The seal contains a star map of the Andromeda constellation, which a smart alien could use to figure out where Earth is.

Just in case they find some NASA swag but there aren't any humans to point the way!

7. The Meatball Logo

The Meatball is the current official seal of NASA. It's kind of weird because when you compare the three official NASA seals, this is the one that has the giant ball removed.

Anyway, it's called "the Meatball", and it looks great on a T-Shirt! 

8. Space Bucket

In the movie The Martian, Matt Damon's character grows potatoes in the Mars soil by using his own poop as fertilizer.

You can reproduce his endeavors, in a more sanitary way, by using a "space bucket".

A space bucket is a small scale hydroponic plant factory.

It's basically a bucket with a light on it, that you can use to grow plants in very small spaces. Inspired by experiments performed by NASA on Spacelab in the 1970s, a space bucket has become a pastime for thousands of Americans.

9. The Worm Logo

When NASA and the government to stuff, they like to go big.

That's why, in 1974, the United States Congress enacted the Federal Graphics Improvement Program of the National Endowment for the Arts. This group tapped two top-notch graphic designers to create a new typeface that NASA could use on its letterhead.

The result was the 1975 "worm" logo and typeset. This space-age font was used by NASA until 1992. You can still get it on T-Shirts and NASA hats.

10. Telescope

NASA was born out of humanity's desire to known what's "up there". We can all become likewise inspired by looking up into the brilliant night sky. A telescope makes a great gift for any child, age 8-80. 

Out of This World

Unlike almost any other branch of the government [except maybe the military], NASA inspires feelings of pride and admiration in everybody. Earth is, after all, a spaceship, and we're all on it together!

Everyone wishes NASA well and hopes the great meatball seal flies forever.

NASA branded gifts will make anyone smile. Check out our blog for more great gift ideas. You're sure to find something out of this world.


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