Nostalgia Alert: 7 Creepiest Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes

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Children's shows stick with us somehow. For some reason, the television we watch as children have a greater impact than, say, a random show we stream on Netflix.

Whether that's because we're more alert as children or we're just more immersed in the things we do when we're young, it's hard to say. What's clear, though, is that there's typically an array of random television episodes or moments littered throughout most people's minds. Many of the vivid ones are shows we watched in childhood. 

For those of us who used to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes, it's hard to forget some of those moments. For whatever reason, Cartoon Network allowed that show to dig into some deeply disturbing things. 

We're going to recount some of the strangest Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes.

The Creepiest Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes

You might not remember a few of these at first thought. Hopefully, though, we can unlock some of those scary old memories when we describe the following episodes.

1. "Return the Slab"

In this episode, Eustice finds a stone tablet and takes it home to keep for himself. It soon becomes clear that the ghost of King Ramses is closely attached to the tablet and wants it back.

Although a host of storms, gloomy blue smoke, and terror ensue, Eustice still feels entitled to the slab and refuses to give it back. The most vividly terrifying part, though, is when King Ramses stands in the front yard, repeating the phrase "return the slab."

If this isn't ringing a bell, do a little digging online and find the video. You will certainly recall the scene if you've ever seen the episode. 

2. Freaky Fred

Freaky Fred was Muriel's nephew on the show, and there's one episode where he appears and exposes his love for cutting hair. 

His appearance alone is enough to make him terrifying. What does it in the episode, though, is his affinity for finding Courage and systematically cutting off his hair. 

You're on the edge of your seat waiting to see what Fred will do, but it's the anticipation (and that face) that gives you chills. Oh, and he hears children faintly laughing while he's doing the cutting so, that's also terrifying.

3. Harvest Moon

In this episode, Murial and Eustice allow their farm to go entirely lifeless. The last flower on their farm dies, and this irritates the spirit of the harvest moon. 

The imagery of the moon is what's really terrifying. The spirit of the moon proves to be a giant white superimposed video of a human head. This head is very angry that no crops have been harvested and is dead set on haunting the family until they decide to leave the house.

Courage helps his owners to bring the flowers back to life, though, and that appeases the terrifying face. 

4. When Conway Comes

Conway is a strange doll-esque man that is said to be extremely old. In fact, he might be some other kind of creature, it's never explicitly stated.

He believes that living in filth is the way people should exist, and wants to live that way until everyone else joins in. He's a self-proclaimed contaminationist. 

The house becomes vividly disgusting in the Courage the Cowardly Dog animation style and you can almost smell the filth.

5. Fungal Foot

You probably remember this episode even if you saw it in passing. There's something so strange about the way that Eustice's foot fungus grows into an autonomous being with five different personalities. 

Turning purple with yellow spores and all, the foot develops into a creature with its own distinct personalities. It then blackmailed Courage into fighting for Muriel's life. 

The foot keeps repeating the phrase "or the fat lady gets it."

6. Mattress Monster

This might as well have been the children's version of The Exorcism. There's a monster living in Muriel's mattress that eventually just takes her over and puts her into a possession. 

She then eats a doctor, terrorizes the home, and much more. The scary part is that most kids have an underlying fear of the mattress, or at least what's under it. What happens when the monster is actually inside the bed?

For whatever reason, as a child, getting possessed by a mattress demon is extremely terrifying. 

7. The Mask

This episode is immediately terrifying. Muriel is grabbing eggs from the chicken coop when someone in a terrifying mask comes. The mask is white, with giant blue eyes, and she expresses her deep hatred for dogs.

She then smashes Courage with an anvil, opening his skull and exposing his brains. Haunting music plays and the scene is perfectly produced to be terrifying. 

Muriel invites the masked visitor in for tea and dinner, and the visitor continues to terrorize Courage and systematically pick apart the personalities of everyone in the home. We soon find out that the visitor is a giant, terrifying cat.

You kind of expect that she's a cat, but seeing her face as Courage spies on her through the keyhole proves to be very unsettling. Courage then stills her cat toy to try and use it as evidence to the police that there's a cat living in his house. 

He soon finds that Kitty is a well-known person about town, and he digs himself into a deeper problem as he makes his way to the police station. The music, the different settings he finds himself in, the characters he meets, and the constant visions of the masks that he has all make this an excellent, extremely creepy episode.

Want to Dig Into More 90's Gold?

It's important to recap the old television shows that you enjoyed as a kid. There are a lot of great messages, animations, and pieces of art to be found in some children's shows. 

There's a lot more to explore than Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes. Visit our site if you want to know more about old television shows you used to love.


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