In Transit: 8 Good Gifts For Travelers Who Seem To Have Everything

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Do you have a loved one who's struck with wanderlust?

These people need to see it all; from sea to shining sea to the Eiffel Tower and to the Great Wall, travelers never want to stop exploring the world. And they won't stop until they've experienced every nook and cranny of the world.

While you love their devotion to travel, buying gifts for travelers isn't easy. They gave up their material possessions to see the world. Fortunately, travelers still need equipment and other travel necessities. These make perfect gifts.

If you're looking for good gifts for travelers, consider looking at these 8 gift ideas.

1. Phone Case With a Wallet

This seems like a surprising gift for a traveler. But all seasoned travelers want to carry as little as they can. This makes packing, boarding planes and trains, security checks and mobility much easier.

Giving them a phone case with a wallet helps prevent carrying a purse or carrying more in pockets. You can easily store your credit cards and spare cash in this wallet. These phone cases also store hotel keys and other travel necessities.

A phone case with a wallet also helps to ward off pick-pocketers. It's more obvious feeling a stranger grabbing your phone than a wallet.

2. Travel Planner

Even in the age of technology, there are some old-school travelers out there.

Some prefer documenting their travels on-paper rather than on a document or a spreadsheet.

There are many travel planners that offer all travel planning necessities.

This includes storing information such as flight numbers and hotel addresses, keeps a tab of important locations such as tourist attractions and restaurants, and even provides a place to store travel documents and maps.

Do you love this idea but know your loved one is a tech-nerd? Anyone could use a travel diary or even a translation book. You can also buy a scrapbook where your loved one can attach pictures and other mementos of their trip.

3. Headphones

While traveling hosts many exciting adventures and fond memories, traveling also entails long waits at the airport. To make the experience bearable, many travelers listen to music or audiobooks.

Here's the other issue: airports, trains, subways and airplanes are loud. While you're waiting for your flights, kids are screaming and people are talking away.

And how often can you hear the airplane's engine, even when you listen to music at full-volume?

By your traveler a new pair of headphones, specifically noise-cancelling ones. You can easily find headphones and they will get plenty of use!

4. Anti-Theft Purse

Remember we mentioned pick-pocketers? They don't only target your pockets - they will sneak inside your backpack and purse! Fortunately, bag manufacturers outsmart pick-pocketers. They now make anti-theft purses.

These purses usually have a lock on the zipper, so no one can enter without a key.

The purses are also made of anti-slashing material, so thieves can't cut the purse open with a knife. Many purses are made to be worn over the whole body, so thieves can't easily snatch them from your arm.

In addition to purses, many wallets and backpacks are made with anti-theft technology.

5. Travel Pillow

International travel is exciting, but no one looks forward to long airplane rides. And the pillow and blanket they provide aren't the most comfortable. Any traveler will love a specific travel pillow.

Today, there's a travel pillow to support all body issues. Ergonomics is at the forefront for travelers.

Modern travel pillows aren't only comfy, but they support a range of travel pain points. This includes neck pain, back pain, and even butt pain (butt aches from sitting down in a plane is a real struggle).

Each travel pillow is also made to support different sleeping positions, sitting and lying styles, and most are optimized for airplane travel.

6. Passport Cover

Does your loved one like to deck everything out in their funky style? Their passport shouldn't be the exception. Passport covers slip on the outside of your passport.

Rather than looking at your boring passport booklet, you can pimp out your passport and impress everyone at immigration!

There are many types of passport covers. These include unique color, ones with floral patterns, cute images, and customizable ones where you can include their name and other personalized graphics.

Keep in mind, many agents will ask for you to remove the passport cover. Before you buy a cover, make sure you can easily remove it and put it back on.

7. Beauty and Hygiene Packs

Let's face it - packing toiletries is a hassle. Finding travel-sized products isn't always easy. And you'll inevitably run out. Take the ease of toiletries and hygiene products and buy a beauty or hygiene pack.

Each pack is different. Some come with hygienic essentials such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Others are more specific.

If your loved one loves getting glammed up while traveling, certain beauty packs come with makeup essentials such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, powder, lipgloss, mascara, and even makeup remover.

There are also gender-specific hygiene packs. Hygiene packs for women include a razor, shaving gel, and skincare products. Hygiene products for men include men's shaving products.

8. T-Shirt

Will these gift ideas not cut it? Anyone can use a t-shirt, especially a traveler. A traveler isn't concerned with the highest fashion or the craziest style.

They want something simple they can pack in a bag and throw on before exploring. T-shirts are comfortable, lightweight, work in all environmental conditions, and look great with anything.

T-shirts are also perfect for guys and girls. Guys can wear a t-shirt with a pair of shorts or jeans. Girls can easily sport a comfy tee with a pair of tights or yoga pants.

T-shirts are also fun! There are many graphics, colors, and designs that any traveler will love.

Good Gifts for Travelers: Give the Gift of Wanderlust

Every traveler has the greatest gift of all - experiencing the world! But there are many good gifts for travelers.

Do you want to buy a traveler a shirt they will love? We sell many styles for both men and women.


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