Get Spooky This Halloween with These 10 Creative Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Guys and Ghouls

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It's Halloween already and once again you've waited until the last minute to pull a costume together.

Maybe you're considering just wearing your work uniform or drawing cat whiskers on your face and calling it a day.

If you can't think of what to wear, don't lose hope. You don't have to be generic. We've got 10 easy, last-minute costume ideas for guys and girls.

Best Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Guys and Girls

Making a costume doesn't have to be hard. You're bound to get a few laughs from some of these clever Halloween ideas.

1. Chip on Your Shoulder

Are you the type of person who has a chip on your shoulder? Why not show your true colors by dressing up as your inner self?

This costume only requires a trip to your closet and the grocery store. All you need is a t-shirt and a small bag of potato chips.

After putting on your t-shirt of choice (preferably one that matches the color of the chip bag), place a piece of tape on the bag of potato chips and attach it to your shoulder.

Congratulations! You now have a real chip on your shoulder. Better yet, you'll have a tasty snack for later.

2. Stick Figure

If you never got around to wearing that pair of white pants, now's the time to break them out. Don't forget to find a white long-sleeved shirt and shoes to go along with your snazzy pants.

Next, grab electrical or duct tape. Tape straight lines on the sleeves and torso-area of your shirt, along with the legs of your pants, much like how you would draw a stick figure on paper.

Grab a paper plate and draw a smiley or sad face on it, depending on how you're feeling that day. Poke some air holes in the plate, tie it to your face, and voil?! You're a stick figure.

3. Breadwinner

No, this costume doesn't require you to make lots of money and wear a fancy outfit. With a few items, you can transform yourself into the breadwinner that you've always wanted to be.

Dig through your closet to find a fun-colored t-shirt. You'll also have to search through your cobweb-infested box of memories to find a medal you won as a child for "participation." If you weren't worthy of even getting a medal for participation, then you might be able to find a plastic one at a local craft shop.

The next step for this last-minute costume idea for guys and girls is bread. A half-eaten loaf or even just a slice could suffice if you're really in a pinch. Just carry it around all night to let people know what a breadwinner you are.

4. Cactus

Straws, green sweatpants, and a green hoodie are all you need to complete this iconic cactus costume. After you cut up a bunch of straws, glue or tape them to your sweatsuit to make them look like spikes. Don't forget to throw your hood up and put some prickles there too.

Want to pose for a picture in your costume? Stand still and put your arms up -- you'll blend right in.

5. Identify Thief

This is another simple costume you can use to dress up for Halloween. Take a plain old t-shirt and obtain some stick-on name tags. You can buy them from an office store or even "borrow" them from work.

Write a different name on each name tag and stick them all over your shirt. To make it an even better costume, write your friends' names on the name tags.

6. Minion

If you've ever wanted to be the small yellow organism from Despicable Me, here's your chance. This is one of the most straightforward movie character costumes you can find.

The more time-consuming version involves grabbing a pair of safety goggles and jar rings from a store. Glue the rings on the safety goggles to mimic the minions' own goggles. Pair this with a yellow t-shirt and overalls to really impress your friends.

Don't worry if you don't have that much time. Instead, you can opt to wear a yellow t-shirt and a pair of huge glasses with tin foil wrapped around the frame.

7. Pumpkin Pi

Yes, this is one of the nerdiest Halloween ideas ever. And yes, it's pumpkin pi, not pumpkin pie. The good news is making pumpkin pi isn't as time-consuming as actual pie.

The only ingredients for this costume recipe is an orange shirt, a piece of paper, and a safety pin. Just print out the pi symbol, cut it out, and pin it to your orange shirt.

8. Robber

Who doesn't want to be this classic criminal? Out of everything on this Halloween costumes list, you're probably most likely to have this costume already available in your closet.

You just need a black and white striped shirt, black pants, and a black mask. Don't forget to bring a bag to put all of your loot in!

9. Ghostwriter

Maybe you're haunted by your career choice as a ghostwriter or you just want to be punny for a night. This costume is like being a regular ghost, but with a little twist. It's one of the most simple last-minute costumes for guys and girls.

Like a classic ghost costume, all you'll need is a white sheet. Don't forget to poke holes for the eyes and mouth. To transform this ghost into a writer, all you'll have to do is grab a notepad and a pen.

10. Be Lazy

You loathe the idea of doing simple arts and crafts. Handling scissors and glue makes you sick. Sound like you?

Don't worry, we have the perfect solution that doesn't require any work at all.

The only costume you need is this t-shirt that reads: "My other costume is in the laundry." Now you can wear a costume without really wearing a costume. What's better than that?

Rocking Your Look

You should have a better idea of your costume after taking into account some of these last-minute costume ideas for guys and girls.

The best costumes are the ones that are handmade and put together by lazy people. So, when you go to a Halloween party dressed in just a simple t-shirt, don't feel bad and rock your look!

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