Complicated Girls In A Simple World: Reliving The Best Moments Of the Simple Life

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Paris Hilton may no longer dominate the spotlight, and Nicole Ritchie is now a successful and married businesswoman with two kids. But these two celebutantes were the talk of the '00s with their goofy reality show "The Simple Life." 

The two privileged blondes may have moved on, but we can revel in the hilarity that ensued on this short-lived show which placed two One Per Centers in the midst of everyday challenges like milking a cow and shopping at a grocery store.

Here are ten of Paris and Nicole's most famous pratfalls and faux pas from "The Simple Life."

1. "What is WalMart?"

Who could forget the Hilton heiress inquiring about the low priced chain store?  You had to forgive her for thinking that their name had something to do with their products. 

The whole premise of "The Simple Life" was taking two little rich girls and plunking them down smack in the middle of "real life," without their treasured cellphones and credit cards. It's unlikely that Paris has any idea what WalMart sells, as she does more of her shopping at Gucci. 

The look on her blue-collar hosts' faces when she asks if Walmart sells"wall stuff" is priceless. 

2. "Who Do I Need to F--k Around Here to Get Out of a Ticket?"

Paris and Nicole somehow managed to make clueless look adorable. They even acted a little...well, promiscuous at times, and yet they still endeared themselves to a wide audience.

Nicole made this classic statement when it looked like the girls were about to get issued a traffic ticket in a small town. We do not suggest trying this at home! 

3."You Look Very Rich in That." 

Nicole complimented Paris on an item she was trying on, saying she looked "very rich in that." The heiress responded, "Thank you."

Part of the show's appeal was watching these two ladies navigate the everyday challenge of wearing (and washing) clothes that were not designer duds! Of course, the girls were so cute that just about anything they wore made them look "hot," as Paris would say.

You too can look hot in low key outfits that evoke the Hollywood life, like this fun T-shirt.

4. "What Does That Mean, Soup Kitchen?"

We're not sure if Nicole and Paris are still BFFs. They did not seem to be speaking to each other at the end of the series, but recent reports indicate they have made up.  They may have grown up a little! 

It looks like they have both come a long way since their youthful days when they were completely oblivious to how many people in the world lived. Not only did they not understand what a soup kitchen was, but they also had a very dim concept of household chores like laundry. 

5. Nicole and the Cow 

The girls had a few memorable run-ins with animals on the show, but none as hysterical as when Nicole had to get up close and personal with the backside of a cow. She then threw the rubber gloves she wore at her friend! 

Their willingness to look like absolute goofballs was what made these ladies so funny and appealing. 

6. "Do You Make Diamond or Pearl Necklaces for Dogs?"

Paris is still known for her fondness for tiny dogs. She has had innumerable chihuahuas over the years and houses them in luxuriously appointed mini-mansions. 

One of our favorite episodes from "The Simple Life" was when she inquired whether the store where she was shopping had fancy jewelry for dogs.  

7. "I'm Sunbathing." 

Paris and Nicole were always getting into trouble at the various minimum wage jobs they were working. They were incapable of following the rules or taking direction.

Paris was reprimanded at a fast food joint for taking a moment to relax by sitting in the window sill of the drive-through. She defended herself by saying she needed to get in the sun for her daily Vitamin D allotment. 

8."That's Hot." 

This expression became the catchphrase of the mid-'00s. Paris called everything hot, from guys to girls to clothes to the Planet Earth.

Later she was involved with a lawsuit with Hallmark for appropriating her phrase, which she had apparently trademarked. 

9. "I Don't Know How to Do Laundry, Do You?" 

The heiresses were baffled by the concept of a laundromat. They seemed to be confused that some people actually had to wash their clothes themselves and that they would do it by putting coins into a washing machine.

They could have figured it out if they had worn more easy to wear and easy to wash outfits.  For those of us who can't afford to wear couture all the time, it's a good thing there are affordable cute brands out there like Body Rags.

10. "Would You Like a Lap Dance, Dear?" 

At the time it was on the air, "The Simple Life" garnered a lot of snark and animosity about its privileged heroines. However, the show was hugely popular and has gained standing as a cult classic. 

No matter how rich they were, there is no doubt that the two starts were truly hilarious. They seemed to charm many of the people with whom they came into contact, like the passengers on the airplane where Nicole made this infamous offer.

Nostalgic for "The Simple Life": Bring Back the Girls 

Nicole and Paris weathered some tough times after their hit show ended. Paris has still not settled down and her last engagement just broke off. Nicole has battled a few DUIs and an eating disorder, but she seems to have a good thing going with hubby Joel Madden.

However, they both seem to have held on to their goofy charm and senses of humor. Wouldn't it be fun to see them both again on TV, trying to work on a farm or figure out how to mop a floor? 

We'd love to catch a glimpse of these ladies on their own series again. However, we may have to wait a while for that to happen. They certainly don't need the money! For now, we may have to contact ourselves with glimpsing them in a magazine or online. 

For more celebrity news and sightings of famous people living the simple life and la Vida Loca, check out our blog.


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