9 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Calling all 90s baby! (And let's admit—their parents and kids, too!) Do you remember the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?

What kind of question is that? Of course, you do—whether from the TV series back in the day or its 2017 movie reboot! After all, how could you not have heard of them?

The Power Rangers franchise had already made about $1 billion by the year '95. Power Rangers toys raised $80 million in revenue in 2012. These guys have the superpower of timelessness! 

Because of that, we want to share some awesome Power Rangers facts with you here. Whether you're a Jason Lee Scott or a Kimberly Hart (or perhaps you'd call yourself a Zord!), you'll love these wonky truths about the lovable TV series.

All right—let's rocket!

1. The Black Ranger Only Had 9 Fingers

And this didn't hinder his superhero abilities whatsoever.

Many people didn't notice this fact because the filmmakers kept it pretty hidden. However, every time the Black Ranger morphed, something was missing: his left hand's middle finger!

Once you realize this, you'll be able to pick it out of certain scenes. In one scene, his arm rests around the Yellow Ranger's shoulders, revealing 4 fingers instead of 5! The good news is, this teenager still kicked butt.

2. It Took 7 Years to Sell the Show in America

The show was a hit in Japan, its place of origin. But its transition into American culture wasn't such a breeze. In fact, it took the creator 7 long years of pitching before finally, Fox Children's Network picked it up.

And good for Fox that they did! "Why," do you ask?

Because of the following fact. . .

3. Power Rangers Was the Top-Rated Weekday Show for Kids

The show, once aired, truly captured the attention of parents and kids alike.

The creator was rightfully pleased after such hard work. The Power Rangers ultimately acquired the highest Neilsen ratings for a children's TV show! These weekday rangers have prevailed against all the odds, all criticisms, and all skepticism. 

It's campy—but an utter success!

4. They Were Almost Called the Dino Rangers

And let's admit right here, right now—that doesn't quite pack the same punch as Power Rangers.

Yes, they did use the powers of their beloved Zords (or dinosaur robots). But who did the audience fall in love with the most? The people, the superheroes, the ones we all related to, admired, and kinda-sorta wanted to be!

5. The Actors Were Chosen from Open Casting Calls

Thousands of people showed up for these auditions.

The competition was fierce, leaving everyone a little uncertain of their destiny. There were no calls from managers saying, "Hey—someone wants you to try out for this show." It was, "Hey, I'd better show up and act my heart out and hope I get this!"

The thousands got narrowed down into 6 groups of five people. (Five is the number of Rangers in the tribe—but you already knew that.) Those groups got to know each other a bit, establish a relationship.

And then one group was chosen! The rest is history.

6. There's a Real Command Center out There

If you're a true Power Rangers fanatic and want to visit the Command Center, you can! The building, a real structure, is still standing in Burbank, California today!

The Command Center, as fans know, is the Power Rangers' headquarters. Within the headquarters were fantastical tools, such as computers that allowed for casual acts of teleportation. This building got used until 1997.

7. The Series Has Gotten Banned More Than Once

Ever look at the word "Morphin'" and see a different word? Perhaps the word "morphine"? Well, some countries did—and their solution was banning the beloved TV show. 

Others banned the show for its violent ways. New Zealand, which was a filming location for the Power Rangers many times, got rid of the show until 2011. They feared (and complained) that kids who watched the show would be more aggressive. 

Luckily, this decision got overturned. And in a crazy twist of fate, later spin-offs of the show used New Zealand as their location. 

8. There Has Been 20 Series of the Show so Far

The original TV show was such a hit that it turned into multiple spin-offs, at one point clocking in at twenty!

There's Power Rangers Ninja StormPower Rangers Wild ForcePower Rangers in Space, and more!

9. Bryan Cranston's Voice Appeared in the Show

Yes—Walter White, aka Heisenberg, aka Bryan Cranston, voiced two villains in the TV series. Maybe this was unintentional prep work for his later role as a meth-making, gun-toting cancer victim? 

If you want to see for yourself, check out episodes from the year '93. "Foul Play in the Sky" and "A Bad Reflection on You" both feature his menacing voice. And even cooler than this?

The Blue Ranger, whose last name is Cranston, was actually named for Bryan Cranston!

Power Rangers Facts for 90s Babies and More

Did you love these Power Rangers facts as much as we did? 

Who would've thought that a 90s kid's TV show could have such an imprint on our TV history?

Five innocent, bad-guy-defeating teenagers from Angel Grove entertained us for years (on every day but Sunday)! We've got to give props to the creator, who blessed us with a cult classic.

Now, why don't you put your love for Power Rangers where your head is?

Check out our site for memorabilia like this awesome pancake pillow modeled after the original 90s Green Ranger! A true geek-tastic present for yourself or a fellow Ranger!


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