10 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About the Frasier Show

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Frasier is a household name, airing in living rooms throughout the world for 11 years, from 1993 to 2004. The Frasier show has become a classic, and was way more fun than you'd ever expect!

Want to dig deeper into the Frasier TV show? Here are 10 behind-the-scenes facts, and some quotes from the show to tickle your funny-bone.

1. Kelsey Grammer Played Frasier for 20 Years

The character of Frasier Crane actually started life in the series Cheers, which ran from 1982-1993. Just four months after the show ended, Frasier was re-cast in his very own sitcom.

Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer ended up playing the "lovably pompous", opinionated and witty psychiatrist for 20 years.

Frasier: "If we wanna play it safe, we could make one of those pacts."

Roz: "Oh, you mean, like in 40 years, if neither one of us finds anyone..."

Frasier: "Yeah, exactly, we'll marry each other."

Roz: "I was gonna say kill each other."

2. Niles Was a Happy Afterthought

Originally, the character of Niles hadn't been written into the show. When the producers saw a photograph of actor David Hyde Pierce and compared it to one of Grammer from 10 years before, they were struck by the resemblance.

Hyde Pierce was invited for an audition, and the part of Niles was written especially for him. To get his character perfect, the writers almost mirrored Frasier's own.

Niles: "Her lips said no, but her eyes said, read my lips."

3. Jane Leeves (Daphne Moon) Isn't from Manchester...

Actress Jane Leeves, who plays Daphne, is actually from Ilford, just outside of London. To hone her Mancunian accent, Leeves had to take lessons from a voice coach.

Niles: "You... You think I'm pretentious?"

Daphne: "You'd eat a worm if I gave it a French name."

4. ...But John Mahoney (Marty Crane) Was!

Actor John Mahoney who played Niles' and Frasier's feisty retired-cop father was originally from Manchester but emigrated to the US when he was 19.

Mahoney was born in 1940, just 15 years before Grammer, and so wasn't actually old enough to be their dad. He learned to affect his walk and use a cane so well we barely even noticed!

Frasier: "Forget that police mentality. Don't you believe in second chances?"

Martin: "I did. Then we had Niles."

5. Lisa Kudrow Nearly Played Roz

Kudrow, best known for her role as Phoebe in Friends was the first choice for playing Frasier's spunky producer. When it came to auditions though, the producers wondered whether Kudrow would be strong enough in the role.

Instead, Peri Gilpin was cast and played the role of Roz perfectly. And Kudrow's portrayal of Phoebe will never be forgotten either, so it was a win-win for both actresses.

Frasier: "You're supposed to keep track of who's on what line."

Roz: "Let me make it easy for you. Freaks! Freaks on Line 1. Freaks on Line 2. Freaks! Everywhere!"

6. Niles and Daphne's Baby Was Named in Tribute

The tragic events of 9/11 claimed the life of one of the creators of Frasier, David Angell. Season 11 brought the birth of Niles and Daphne's baby boy, and they named him David Crane in tribute to the late Angell.

Similarly, the character of Roz was named after Roz Doyle, a co-producer of the sitcom Wings, by the makers of Cheers and Frasier.

Niles: "Last night, I dreamt my flour sack was abducted and the kidnappers started sending me muffins in the mail."

7. Freddie was Played By 4 Different Actors

Frasier's son with uptight yet sassy Lillith Sternin (formerly Sternin-Crane) was first featured as a baby in the sitcom Cheers. He was portrayed by twin boys on Cheers, and then secondly by child actor Luke Tarsitano in Frasier.

Producers settled on actor Trevor Einhorn, who played young Freddie until the show's finale.

Niles: "Freddie, about what you just saw - I know you've always had special feelings for Daphne, and there's something I need to tell you."

Freddie: "I already know about you guys."

Niles: "Oh. Uh, and you're OK with that?"

Freddie: "I liked her when I was a little kid. I'm over it now. I mean, she's like a hundred."

Niles: "She most certainly is not. It just burns you up that I got her-"

Frasier: "Niles!"

8. Eddie was Played By Moose and His Son Enzo

One of Frasier's most beloved characters wasn't human but canine. Moose, who played Eddie, did so for 7 years and was well-known for fixing Frasier with an unblinking stare for minutes on end.

Moose retired from acting in 2000 and passed away in 2006. His understudy and successor was none other than his son, Enzo, born in 1995. Enzo was bred to look similar to Moose, once producers realized that Frasier was a success and was set to run for many years.

Daphne: "He saw your father's chair was gone, and he's afraid it means your father's gone too. I think he suspects foul play."

Frasier: "Oh, stop it!" [To Eddie] "If I had stuck Dad's feet into a bucket of cement and thrown him into Puget Sound, you would have been the tiny little splash that followed him!"

9. Maris was Supposed to Appear

The notorious character of Niles' first wife, Maris, was due to be cast and appear in the Frasier TV show in series one.

However, within just a few episodes, the fantastical descriptions of Maris Crane were so almost other-worldly that the producers couldn't find an actress who could possibly live up to them.

In the end, Maris was discussed and described, and the only glimpse we caught of her was a shadow behind a shower curtain once, in the hilarious cruise-ship episode.

Niles: "I thought you liked my Maris!"

Frasier: "I do... I, I like her from a distance. You know, the way you like the sun. Maris is like the sun... Except without the warmth."

10. Many of Frasier's Callers Were Real-Life Celebrities

'I'm listening' was the famous tagline for Frasier's psychiatry radio show, but many of his callers were, in fact, celebrities. The list of celebrity callers spans 137 names.

Stars like Christopher Reeve (Superman), Jay Leno, Ben Stiller and Elijah Wood all featured on the phone line with Dr. Frasier Crane.

Robert: "Hi, Dr. Crane. Thanks for taking my call. I'm a little nervous, okay? My name is Robert."

Frasier: "And your name is...?"

Robert: "My name is Robert."

Frasier: "Oh, I'm sorry. We've already had a Robert on the show today. Goodbye!"

[disconnects him]

Roz: [on the office phone] "Tony, it's Roz. Could you get security up here? Captain Kirk's got control of the bridge and he's gone insane."

10 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About the Frasier Show

The Frasier show is one that will live on in our memories, and we're pretty sure the reruns aren't about to finish anytime soon.

The sophisticated humor of the show captured the interest of people everywhere and was soon a monumental hit. Now, 14 years after the show has ended, we're still talking about it and Frasier-isms have become part of our everyday speech.

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